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It’s the first post, first #fleafriday here at A Pulgarita! After a long time thinking about it and having my domain created, finally got the courage. Can’t believe it’s finally here! =D Read in the About section to know more about me and this blog 😉

So here’s how the blog will be organized, with four main categories:

  1. Discoveries of the monthI will describe the events, places, foods, etc that I liked the most every month. Anyway, anything new so you can have my informed opinion.
  2. Challenge accepted!: My reviews on challenges (mostly Internet ones) that I took and changed my life for the better, so that you can try them too =)
  3. Pulgarita traveled to…: Reviews of the places I went to outside my regular area, both in Portugal and abroad. Some of them are part of my own piggybank travel challenge and I will give tips on how to travel within a budget.
  4. The PhD voice: my musings as a PhD student. Mostly it’s Pulgarita against other bugs, I’m pretty territorial! =p no kidding, I’m programming throughout my PhD and it’s a constant source of both accomplishment and worries. I’ll also talk about resources for learning and time management, curiosities and myth busting about the grad student and academia world (always quoting my sources as a good researcher, needless to say).

See you next #fleafriday! Up until then, I will provide small bites of content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow me, I’m @apulgarita on everything! Since March is ending, next post will be a “Discoveries of the month” one.

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