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Hello! As a PhD student and a person that wants to be an entrepreneur, not especifically in the start-up sense, but to create the life I want, I think it’s important to go to events that help us improve and be bolder. I do it often and have learned a lot from several ones, and there are so many free options in Lisbon, hope there are in your hometown as well.

Here I will talk about an event that I went in March, not for the first time, but that was the kickstarter to finally launch this blog. I’m talking about Girls Lean In, a Portuguese community to promote gender equality, currently hosting meetups in several Portuguese cities. The thing in common between all the meetups is that all the speakers are women, however the meetups are open to everyone!


Girls Lean In was created in 2013, in Braga, by two women that went to several entrepreneurship events and noticed that most of the speakers were male. In order to promote and give a voice to female entrepreneurs, the meetups were created and then expanded to several other cities. There are even plans for the internationalization of the meetups from what I could gather! I went to my first Lisbon meetup in December that featured the TV columnist and Youtuber Jaqueline Silva. I couldn’t go to the other meetings until March, where I received in my e-mail that radio host and communication trainer Carla Rocha was going to be the next speaker and would speak about how to improve your communication techniques. Since I have to make some presentations respective to my academic life, but also that I think I could express myself better in all the dimensions of my life, I was curious and I made my time to go!

How to improve communication skills by Carla Rocha

Carla really is a very nice speaker and a captivating woman! She spoke about her personal story, from helping her mother cleaning hotels, getting a job at a local radio at 15 years old and making a considerable failure at one of her first emissions, which could have stopped her from pursuing a career in radio, but it didn’t. She managed to win a contest of the radio she still works for today about 20 years ago and convinced the director to interview her. Today she uses her experience and training she had abroad to help employees in different companies communicate better their passions and purpose in both personal and professional fields with a personal positioning matrix. I even used the matrix to write the About section of the blog. Basically, it helps to direct shifts in energy and focus while we are pitching ourselves or our professional activity.


Now speaking of my experience there. I got to meet several women (there were only 2 men in the audience) with captivating life stories, managing to change their lifes to pursue dreams and even running their own businesses. And I met two bloggers (Margarida and Joana) to whom I revealed that I had already created my blog, had a logo and a Facebook page and was afraid to write my first post. They told me that there is no perfect way to start, the important thing is to do it. And two days after, I finally launched my first post! Thank you!


From the impact that this event had in me, I can say it pushed me to read the Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead book by Sheryl Sandberg inspired by the meetup and I totally recommend for you to go find any events of this kind if you want to learn more about female entrepreneurs. 

What kind of events for entrepreneurship experiences go you go to? If you’re female, is there any club like this in your hometown? Let me know!


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