My experience at a TEDx conference

Hey hey! After my last post was about PhD and university, still talking about university, here comes a new post. I had the honor to attend the TEDxIST event that took place in my campus, Instituto Superior Técnico at Taguspark, Lisbon area. The event was for free and 100 people were selected to be attendees and I had the luck to be one of the selected ones, yay! The event featured Portuguese professionals from different areas, a nice coffee-break and lunch and also some videos from famous TED talks. It also had some giveaways and I didn’t win any, but I was already lucky enough to attend, right? 

In the morning, there were talks from international football referee João Capela, talking about he turned his turbulent youth around to become a responsible advocate for sports education; the Youtuber and now radio show host Diogo Sena, talking about how Youtube became such a lucrative business and how it shapes the communication channels of companies; Pelcor CEO Sandra Correia, who managed to have the singer Pink wear one of the cork bags from the brand in one of her shows; and David Molina, founder of the Electronic Music streaming platform Satta. I really encourage you to try Satta out if you’re into electronic music like me. I love to listen to it at work, just wished the platform had more songs and eventually it will. Even Nicolas Jaar, one of my favorite electro artists, already produced a set exclusively for Satta. 

In the afternoon, the first speaker was Inês Santos Silva, the Growth Leader at the cloud document management startup TOPDOX, and she spoke about how she went to 93 entrepreneurship events in Portugal since 2010, when the wave of entrepreneurship here started to emerge, and the several initiatives that she helped to launch and others for aspiring entrepreneurs to support their projects. She encouraged us to volunteer to WebSummit Lisbon 2016 in order to be able to attend, I already registered but still with no luck.

Afterwards, the very controversial psychologist and host of a Daily Morning TV Show section, Quintino Aires, spoke about how our brain connections are developed from our experiences and how it can shape the mind of a possible entrepreneur. He also believes that the education system should be changed in order to make us become more proactive.

A very interesting talk was also made by sociologist Catarina Casanova, who went to Guinea Bissau to study the social interactions of chimpanzees. There is much more in common between them and us that I thought before! A curiosity: chimpanzees do not eat bananas.

A very funny talk and with a thoughful message was made by Nadim Habib, a Lebanese professor at an Economics faculty here that spoke about stupid work rules that undermine Portuguese companies productivity and what should change in order to catch up in productivity with other countries that work less hours and generate more profit.

The final talk of the day was made by Sebastian Aguiar Brunemeier. He spoke about the latest research in the topic of reverting or avoiding ageing. I got to know about a crazy experience where the circulatory systems of two mice, a old and a young one, were interconnected, and after this exchange, the old became young and the young became old. He also spoke that considerable research has been made on the antioxidant resveraterol, present in grapes, but that you won’t get it from a glass of red wine only. 

As I said before, we also watched some famous TED talks from other conferences. Here are the ones we watched:


Have you attended any TED conference already? What do you think of the philosophy?


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