One day in Zurich and Bern, Switzerland

Hey all! Shall we continue my tips about Switzerland and how I maximized my 4-day Swiss Travel Pass? But before that, this post marks the launch of my Pinterest account! Now every post will have a pinnable section at the end so that you can save all the tips for later and you can follow my account to check all my posts and also posts that I pinned and find useful for you too. Now let’s travel back in time to May 2013 again!

As you saw in my post about Geneva, the weather there was so gloomy. Before leaving Luzern the next day, I got so happy to see a clear sky! Then it was time to leave for Zurich. The one way ticket would have cost 25 CHF (about 22.95€) for a 50 minute train ride if we didn’t have the pass.



We couldn’t stay in Zurich for too long but I liked it much more than Geneva from what I saw. I liked the simple architecture, neat streets and the beautiful Grossmunster and Fraumunster. But the main highlight was getting to go on a boat ride through Lake Zurich, where we spent most of our time there. The boat ride was included in the Travel Pass too.


Grossmunster. Photo by A Pulgarita
Paintings in the cloister of Fraumunster. Photo by A Pulgarita




Afterwards we got to know Switzerland’s capital, Bern. It’s a very small city compared to Geneva and Zurich but still charming. However we didn’t choose the best day. There was a running race going on so it was very hard to cross the city by foot and the main streets were undergoing refurbishments. Also I tried to go to the Einstein House but it was already closed. However I still liked the astronomical clock and the Bear Park. The Bear Park exists since the 19th century but the park as we know today exists since 2009. This is an homage to the animal that is in the coat of arms of the city.




Zytglogge (astronomical clock). Photo by A Pulgarita

What would you recommend to do in an afternoon in both Zurich and Bern? What are your favorite sights in these cities?


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