One day exploring Ticino, Switzerland

Hi! It’s time to continue this series. After a sunny day in Zurich and Bern, the weather next day got gloomier but I still enjoyed the places I went to in the Ticino canton a lot. I went to Locarno, Bellinzona and Lugano and was stunned with the beauty. Let’s check it out!


Starting by the train ride to Locarno, our first stop, it was snowing! In May! I know it passes through the Alps and you can see the majestic Gottardo Pass but still I was surprised. As you know, I continue my praise of the Swiss Travel Pass and this train ride alone from Luzern to Locarno would have cost CHF 57 for a 2h50 minute ride (around 52.50€). Check it out in the photos below!

Enjoy while it’s still sunny. Photo by Pedro Martins
Well, not sunny anymore. Photo by Pedro Martins
See the little white dots? Yeah, it’s snow. Photo by Pedro Martins
Finally arrived, a bit better now. Photo by Pedro Martins

Locarno is a cozy city where you can see influences of Italian style in the houses, some of them in a terracotta color that I found lovely. The city is mostly known for the Locarno Film Festival in August. We strolled around Lake Maggiore, Piazza Grande, the Old Town, Castle Visconteo and entered two small churches. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to go to Madonna del Sasso but the streets were so charming that for a very short time there you get a nice experience. 

Stunning Lake Maggiore. Photo by A Pulgarita
Piazza Grande of Locarno. Photo by A Pulgarita
Inside Castle Visconteo. Photo by A Pulgarita
Love the color! Photo by A Pulgarita


The next city on the route was Bellinzona. The train ride between Locarno and Bellinzona is 25 minutes only. This city is the Ticino Canton capital and is known for its three castles: Castelgrande, Montebello & Sasso Cobaro, all of these UNESCO World Heritage sites. We only went to the two first castles and spent 8 CHF going to a Medieval Faire. It was a bit of a splurge but it was a quite nice, albeit small, event.

View over Bellinzona. Photo by A Pulgarita
Castelgrande of Bellinzona. Photo by Pedro Martins
Bellinzona Town Hall. Photo by Pedro Martins
Medieval Faire of Castle Montebello. Photo by A Pulgarita


After a fun afternoon in Bellinzona, it was time to head towards Lugano, the southernmost city. The train ride between the two cities took 30 minutes and the city is quite glamorous but still cozy. Unfortunately most things were already closed, including the funicular to Monte Bré, from which we could have gotten a very nice view. Anyway strolling around Lake Lugano is very nice indeed.

Main square of Lugano. Photo by A Pulgarita
Lake Lugano. Photo by A Pulgarita
Lake Lugano. Photo by A Pulgarita

Did you love Ticino as much as I did if you have been there already? What other sights should be in a future trip to Ticino canton too?


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