A day around Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Hi all! Here I come with a new post about Switzerland. It was the last day of the Swiss Travel Pass and we decided to use it to hang out in mountains and lakes and stay closer to Lucerne. So we took the boat across Lake Lucerne and, after a short ride, we were at the base of Mount Rigi, one of the two mountains overlooking Lucerne (the other is Mount Pilatus).

Mount Rigi



Mount Rigi is 1798 m tall. This is almost as tall as mainland Portugal’s tallest mountain, Serra da Estrela. For me, that I wasn’t used to go to mountains, was super impressive. We hopped on the beautiful red Rigi-Bahn because we would lose too much time and energy hiking to the top, but maybe we should have done it because hiking trails around here are very well marked and in good conditions. Next time I come to Switzerland I’ll hike more. Anyway here is the ride up, it is very short and it was also included in the Travel Pass.




At the top it feels great! It was cold, but not enough altitude to feel dizzy. The air also feels super pure. I loved seeing so many people walking with dogs, babies and also elderly that go there to keep in shape. In Portugal we have such great weather but we are lazier and don’t enjoy the outdoors like the Swiss do. Unfortunately we were above the clouds level so the view was not as clear as I had hoped.




Wanted a nice view? Not anymore

We hiked a bit down until the middle station and then got on train again. Then it was time for a loooong boat ride to Fluelen, in the southern tip of Lake Lucerne, and catch the bus to Altdorf, where we had a meeting.

Totally useless glasses. Photo by Pedro Martins
Photo by Pedro Martins
Photo by Pedro Martins


Altdorf is a quite small city, with 9000 inhabitants, that is mostly known for being the place where, according to the legend, the Swiss hero William Tell shot an apple from his son’s head. You can find the statue there but not much more in the city.

Turmli tower and William Tell. Photo by Pedro Martins
Altdorf. Photo by Pedro Martins


We were kindly taken by our companions to the Andermatt village, located in the St. Gottard massif, since you can’t have enough of mountains. We passed through the Devil’s Bridge before getting there and, compared to Mount Rigi, this area is much drier and scarier. The village is cozy however.

Devil’s Bridge. Photo by Pedro Martins
Photo by Pedro Martins
Photo by Pedro Martins

What are your favorite sights in the area of Lake Lucerne?


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