A sunset stroll in Ericeira, Portugal

Hi! Summer is almost ending and it’s time to recap some favorite short explorations that I do to jazz up my life while keeping up with a busy schedule. I had just gone to a shopping mall and then I thought, it’s such a nice afternoon and the highway leads all the way to Ericeira, I don’t go there for a long time, why not? It was such a nice experience! Come find out about this fishermen town more known nowadays for the good surfing conditions!


Ericeira is located in the Mafra municipality, about 50 Km northeast of Lisbon. It is easily reachable by car on A8 and A21 highways, or by bus from Campo Grande bus station by the local bus company Mafrense. The fishing history dates back from the 13th century and in the 19th century this was the most important port of the Lisbon area, providing supplies to all the region. From the Ericeira port also departed to the exile in Brazil the Portuguese Royal Family upon the Republican Revolution in 1910.

This has been as well for long a very popular tourist destination due to the calm beaches close to the port and picturesque white and blue houses, while the beaches to the north of Ericeira, Ribeira d’Ilhas and Ribamar, are more wavy and good surfing destinations. I am no surf expert by any means, never tried it, so this walk focused on the main village and calm beaches.

Just a word of caution: regardless of the weather in Lisbon being super hot and dry, bring a light coat always. It gets VERY WINDY here!

Now you can see why I say Ericeira is windy, right?

The first thing I did was stroll around the multiple beaches: Santo António, Algodio and Pescadores. It’s quite enjoyable. Also you get to pass through the fishermen port and photograph all the cute boats.

Between Santo Antonio and Algodio


The cutest captain!
Praia dos Pescadores


Already up to the village, some nice details are “Hotel de Turismo da Ericeira”, a huge hotel from the 19th century that now belongs to a well known hotel chain in Portugal, the old churches and chapels, all the blue and white houses and the theater and public library. It feels so dreamy walking around the streets before the center that are not so crowded.

Hotel de Turismo da Ericeira






In the main streets at sunset the village has a lot of life and cute restaurants and cafés. We sat for a while in Kfé to eat bread with hummus (not very typical right? but I absolute adore hummus and try to eat it every time I can) to soak in the sunset life and then headed back to the car. When going back, we passed through a very nice viewpoint where the most stunning red sun was setting.




Hope this post gave you some inspiration to go enjoy a stunning sunset in somewhere beatiful close to you! Or to explore Ericeira if you’re around Portugal of course.

What are your favorite spots to view the sunset? Let me know!


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  1. Allysse Riordan
    September 6, 2016

    Nice photos. It looks like you’ve had a good time in Ericeira.
    I remember passing through there and it was so busy with surfers and surfing schools. It seems like a good place to learn – although I didn’t.

    One of my favourite spots to view the sunset where I live, is by the Thames https://besteglatisant.wordpress.com/2015/09/29/sunset-by-the-thames/
    Sunset near water have to be among the best 🙂 Some of my favourite sunset memories in Portugal are around barragems or by the sea.

    1. A Pulgarita
      September 6, 2016

      Thank you for your comment! I am quite eager to learn SUP soon, surfing still seems too dangerous to me haha. I checked out your video and I really like sunsets by the river too. Which barragens did you visit here in Portugal? Unfortunately I don’t go to river beaches as often as I’d like. 😉

      1. Allysse Riordan
        September 6, 2016

        Good luck with SUP 🙂 That looks quite fun too. Are you going to try it in Lisbon?

        I went to a lot of them. Santa Clara, Montargil, Maranhão, Santa Eulália, Pego de Altar, Vale de Gaio, Póvoas e Meadas, and a couple of others of which the names escape me right now. In short, I spent my time hopping from barragem to barragem when I was in Alentejo ^^

        1. A Pulgarita
          September 7, 2016

          I’ll try it in the beaches close to Lisbon yes 😉 My parents went to Maranhão and Montargil recently and sent me some very cool pictures, I’m really eager to go there when I have the chance and I might check out the other ones you mentioned, thanks!

  2. Kasia Z.
    September 9, 2016

    Hi! We were in Ericeira two years ago during our honeymoon-road-trip-through-portugal 🙂 You’ve turned on nice memories, thanks! 😉

    1. A Pulgarita
      September 9, 2016

      Thank you so much, glad I brought you great memories =)

  3. Diana
    November 16, 2016

    Tenho de voltar a visitar!

    1. A Pulgarita
      November 16, 2016

      Ir à Ericeira é sempre bom 🙂 Obrigada por teres lido o post!


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