Aldeia da Mata Pequena, Portugal

Hi! Keeping on the theme of traveling close to home and in the Oeste (West) region of Portugal, I was super curious to check out a recent rural tourism venture, Aldeia da Mata Pequena. This village used to be completely isolated, without water or roads, and the houses were in ruins. The houses were recovered for accomodation purposes and are now a super cozy refuge far away from the mess, perfect to rest. This area is also or archaeological interest, on the slopes of Penedo do Lexim, an extinct volcano.


While you may not be staying there in your adventures close to Lisbon, it’s always a good place to get to know the picturesque houses wiht a typical “saloia” style.


Getting there

The village is 40 Kms northwest of Lisbon, on the side of the road to Mafra (N9). In order to find it, there are some plaques after you arrive to the village of Igreja Nova to guide you through a regular and well kept road. A HUGE advice is: don’t follow Google Maps like I did! The closest route involved turning right a bit before, in the village of Cheleiros, and I ended up going all the way up on a very narrow gravel road for about 1 Km. If my car had a flat or over heated, I don’t know how the hell I would get out. Fortunately nothing serious happen and my small Renault Clio did its job! =D

You have no idea how happy I was reaching this

What to see

Just stroll around and takes photos to the houses! Some old elements were kept, like bicycles, lamps, and even a small altar to the Virgin Mary is there. There are some animals hanging around, like peacocks and even a pig! But this is such a small place to take a moment to breathe that all the pictures just speak for themselves.






Curious? This should be a perfect 30 minute small stop on your way from Lisbon to Mafra or Ericeira. In case that you want to soak in the calm atmosphere and stay in one of the houses, find more information about the accomodation here.

What are your favorite small cozy places near your house that you like to explore to relax? Let me know!


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