Ferry ride along Naerofjord, Norway

Hi! It’s October, new month new posts! What better way to kickstart the first month of Fall with a post about a day with lots of rain? Yeah, that was August 26th this year in Norway. Early Fall, no?

As you can see in the post about Bergen, we had a very good day with clouds but no rain. The day after we had to wake up early to take the Nor-Way Bus Express to Gudvangen, on the shore of the Naerofjord. That was a 2h30 minute ride, very comfortable, but with this “awesome” weather.


And the photo below is when we arrived to the village. Gudvangen is crazy small. We thought we would have a supermarket to buy lunch, but no. Only one cafeteria open.

We are supposed to catch the boat here, right?

We had approximately 2h30 minutes before our ferry boat and we planned on doing some hiking. Yes, not bound to happen. What was bound to happen was to have lunch in the cafeteria of Fjordtell and plug my hair dryer in to get my socks and pants dry. Anyway, I’m glad we stopped by, despite a hot dog being 70 NOK. It’s a lovely and cozy place.


And they sell Norwegian waffles! Awesome! It was not that expensive, 29 NOK. Yummy! And so photogenic!


The bad weather was good to plug in some headphones and watch an episode of the Vikings. We were definitely on the right place to watch! Fortunately, as the ferry ride approached, the weather got better! We can finally see something of this awesome fjord!



Our ferry ride was made with The Fjords and goes from Gudvangen to Flam, already on the Aurlandfjord, for a total of 2h ride. It’s quite comfy and since it stopped raining we could go outside. Not as tall as the Titanic, I can’t scream “I’m the queen of the world!”.



The Naerofjord is an UNESCO World Heritage site since it is one of the narrowest (with some parts with only 500 m width) and probably the one with the steepest walls. It was so impressive to see this glory! If I had one word to describe this fjord, it’s “waterfalls”. Waterfalls are here everywhere. And you don’t really get how narrow it is until you see other fjords. Words cannot describe this experience, so here are some photos. More to come in Instagram later!




Taste the rainbow!

After 2h we arrived to Flam. This lovely village is the base for the Flam railway, for which you will have a post next week! The view over Aurlandfjord is also nice and you have some small hiking trails around, we did one. There is also, in the train station, the Flam Railway Museum, explaining a bit the story behind the railway, it’s really a massive engineering effort! I’ll tell you more about it in the next post.





Our stay was in the Flam Camping & Youth Hostel. Best Youth Hostel ever! Massive scenery, awesome kitchen, all inclusive! We met people from Spain, India and Tasmania, Australia. We paid 250 NOK each per dorm bed. It started raining again when we arrived to the hostel so I didn’t take pictures. I am afraid I’m ruining my camera after a single drop of rain in France ruined a previous compact camera :p

What is word that defines the Naerofjord to you?



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