Hiking in Eidfjord, Norway

Hi all! I’m super excited to bring you what must have been my favorite part of all the Norway trip, the short and almost desert hike we did in the Eidfjord area. Love when places go a bit out the tourist radar, don’t you?

We came to Eidfjord area, in the shore of Hardangerfjord, after the Flam Railway ride. We had a layover in Myrdal to get into the train to Voss and from there we got the Skyss bus to Ovre Eidfjord. We got student discounts in Skyss and only ISIC Cards are accepted as proof, so make sure to get yours if you’re a student like me! It cost only 8€ and it helped us save quite some money in the Skyss buses. But most of all, let’s look at when the sun came out to greet us from our train!


And now from our bus, really close to Ovre Eidfjord. This is the view to Eidfjordvatnet, the awesome lake that ends up in the Hardangerfjord.


We booked accomodation in the Saebo Camping in Ovre Eidfjord, which I truly recommend. The whole cabin is 490 NOK and fits up to 4 persons. If you have no bed linen, they charge you an extra for disposable bed linen. You have all the facilities to be able to cook too! It was a shame we only had two instant oatmeal packets and we might have had our least yummy dinner here…but anyway the place is yummy! I shared this already in several Twitter chats as the best accomodation I stayed in nature wise. Period.



Well, we came here because we wanted to go to Voringfossen, a super large and spectacular waterfall. We thought it would be close, but well it was raining and beforehand we went to the Hardangervidda Nature Center to ask about hiking conditions. Well, the receptionist told us we had to walk 12 Kms until the waterfall and we had to sleep on the mountain, we wouldn’t have enough time, and also that there were no hiking trails nearby. This left us pretty discouraged, but we didn’t give up. So, no Voringfossen, but there must be something else! We talked with the camping receptionist and he showed us some hiking trails nearby and there was one trail, number 10, marked with pink signs, that actually started really near the camping park! And fortunately rain was stopping. So, let’s check this adventure out!

Major piece of advice is to bring 3 pairs of socks. Even though we almost did not catch any rain during our hike, the floor is wet and my boots are not as waterproof as I thought. Changing socks so often saved me from blisters and getting a cold. Let’s check out my favorite parts of trail 10 in Eidfjord, which has some minor altitude changes and is close to river Bjoreio. However the trail is a bit unstable in some parts and that’s why I didn’t take that many photos! The whole trail takes 2h.







It seems a boat could come in handy, no? Well, at this crossroad we thought we still had a lot of energy and saw that another trail started here, the trail number 8. This is the orange trail and it is steeper, however it has wonderful views of the mountains and the lake! Standing at the viewpoints and watching nature in all its glory was amazing. Shall we go? This trail also takes about 2h.







After a very well deserved rest from this wonderful hike, in the next day we went by Skyss bus again to Eidfjord. It’s a 10 minute ride and we are now in the shore of the fjord. We also did two hiking trails there in the morning before catching the ferry along the Hardangerfjord. Let’s focus first on the yellow trail (no. 3), the Viking burial mounds trail. Some of the burials are hard to identify but you can spot them when you see a large mound of stones covered in moss. We also took 2h to complete this trail.



Spot the salmon cages. This method of fishing is forbidden since 1980s
This is a beach. Believe me.



This is what a Viking burial site looks like



After seeing the surreal beauty of the fjord with a bit of sun, it was time to finally have a satisfying meal and splurge on some Thai street food. This didn’t leave us with much time for the next trail so we only did half of it. We did the churches trail (no. 2, marked in blue) an saw both the Old (from the 14th century) and New (consecrated in 1981) churches of Eidfjord. It is amazing how the modern building captured the essence of the style of the old church too, making it much more harmonious! We did this part of the blue trail in 30 minutes.




So yeah, here was a surprising part of our trip! Stay tuned for our experience in the Hardangerfjord ferry boat in an upcoming post! 😉

Would you visit Eidfjord area in your next Norway trip? What is your favorite hiking trail of all time?


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