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A budget-friendly weekend in Évora, Portugal

Hi all! We’re full swing with Fall and weather is getting cooler and rainier! Actually most of us can get put off by traveling this time of the year but well, I’m not. I like the feeling of less crowds, more misterious places, and lower prices. The only thing I don’t like is longer nights… Continue reading A budget-friendly weekend in Évora, Portugal

The PhD voice

Thankful for the PhD journey

Hi all! I meant to write a completely different thing for my PhD related post this week and I’ll save that for the next post, but since it’s Thanksgiving week, nothing is more appropriate than to stop and think about our journeys. So, if you’re reading this post, either if you’re an academic like me or… Continue reading Thankful for the PhD journey

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One week in Norway on a budget: yes, it’s possible!

Hi all! So, you must be tired of hearing my speak about Norway but I’m truly in love with this country and I want to play a bit mythbuster now. When me and my boyfriend were looking for a place to go in August that we both hadn’t been yet in Europe (it’s a difficult task!),… Continue reading One week in Norway on a budget: yes, it’s possible!

The PhD voice

My MSc Thesis advice

Hi all! This post comes in the same line of my “lessons for my freshman self” post. If you read it, you’ll know I entered college 10 years ago, and I graduated from my Integrated Masters in Biomedical Engineering 5 years ago. Actually, it was on November 16th that I celebrated 5 years of that… Continue reading My MSc Thesis advice

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One day in Oslo, Norway

Hey all! This is my last post about my August trip to Norway (for real? Almost 3 months have passed!). While next week I will have a post on how is it really possible to travel to Norway on a budget, seems we are saying goodbye so that I can post about other exciting travels.… Continue reading One day in Oslo, Norway


My experience at Web Summit 2016

Hi all! This post sums up a very intense week in Lisbon with Web Summit taking place here for the first time and what I experienced from it! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a photo takeover. Now let’s see my written thoughts about it. SPOILER ALERT: This post is huge,… Continue reading My experience at Web Summit 2016

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Bergen-Oslo train line

Hi all! I’ve written posts about Norway in like forever and we’re still not done! Such an amazing country, isn’t it? If you read my last post, you should know that, at this point, we went back to Bergen. We stayed in a different AirBnB than the previous day/night in Bergen but we had a great… Continue reading Bergen-Oslo train line

The PhD voice

The Thesis Committee Meeting

Hi all! Here I am to talk to you about another defining moment in my PhD journey, and that varies from student to student: the thesis committee meeting. I had mine last week and I want to use this post as a chance to tell you more about the importance of these meetings. First of… Continue reading The Thesis Committee Meeting

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Ferry ride in Hardangerfjord, Norway

Hi all! After a spooky Halloween break from the Norway travel posts, I’m back to regular pictures. What better way to pick up than showing incredible sights you can get from another ferry ride in the Norwegian fjords? Oh my, I’m still so infatuated with this country! We picked up our ferry from NORLED in… Continue reading Ferry ride in Hardangerfjord, Norway