Ferry ride in Hardangerfjord, Norway

Hi all! After a spooky Halloween break from the Norway travel posts, I’m back to regular pictures. What better way to pick up than showing incredible sights you can get from another ferry ride in the Norwegian fjords? Oh my, I’m still so infatuated with this country!

We picked up our ferry from NORLED in Eidfjord and had the tickets bought online. Each ticket costs 311.01 NOK and the ferry took us from Eidfjord to Norheimsund. The whole trip takes 3 hours and you can see how different this fjord is from the Naerofjord and Aurlandfjord in my previous post. The Hardangerfjord is much wider than the fjords I wrote before, check it out!



Now that we left Eidfjord, let’s check all the twists and turns along the Hardangerfjord. The ferry stops in a number of villages and the driver explains us what are the most important places to look at.




The most imporant point to take notice of this trip is passing through the Folgefonna, which is a set of three glaciers.



This trip for me was very much about relaxing and enjoying the view. So let’s do the same, shall we?






On we went on the open waters until reaching the port of Norheimsund. There we took a bus to Bergen with Skyss, for which the student ticket is 133 NOK. Remember that ISIC Card is the only valid proof of studentship for international visitors, so make sure you’ll get yours before going! The bus ride is also very pleasant, passing through waterfalls and also across Hardangerfjord, but it would have been more pleasant if it wasn’t raining so much! I’m not good at taking picture from buses so there are none unfortunately, but trust my word that you should take this route to make your way back from Eidfjord to Bergen, it’s utterly relaxing and stunning!

Did you also take the ferry on the Hardangerfjord? What’s your favorite ferry ride in the world? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. notesoflifeuk
    November 4, 2016

    I’ve never been to Norway, but I’d love to go. Thanks for sharing your trip in Hardangerfjord with us. It looks like a wonderful place 🙂

    1. A Pulgarita
      November 4, 2016

      Thank you for enjoying my post! You really should go, I’m absolutely addicted to Norway, amazing nature =)


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