Bergen-Oslo train line

Hi all! I’ve written posts about Norway in like forever and we’re still not done! Such an amazing country, isn’t it? If you read my last post, you should know that, at this point, we went back to Bergen. We stayed in a different AirBnB than the previous day/night in Bergen but we had a great experience at Alex’s apartment, which we also recommend! It was a short stay before getting the train to Oslo, which is an highlight itself.

Perfect sunset from our AirBnB

We only managed to get a cheap enough ticket for the 12PM train (the 8AM train was already costing a fortune when we bought and even so the 12 PM train was 450 NOK each!) so we had the chance to take a walk in Bergen again. We went to the Nordnes peninsula again and loved again the colorful houses. We noticed some nice sights we had not seen before, and the weather being very sunny helped.







Don’t be fooled by the sun. We went to the AirBnB to pick up our bags and then it started raining hard. I had sneakers and my feet got soaked up real bad. But then it was time to enter the train anyway.

Let’s divide this super long line, with a total of 496 Kms and travel time of 7h, into different segments. I truly recommend that you take the whole line during the day (of course at night the tickets are cheaper) because the sights are amazing and you get so many different sides of Norway in just one trip. Get your camera well charged and let’s go!


This part is a bit of a repeat of what we had seen at the trip back from Hardangerfjord, but still nice nonetheless. We got to see a narrow branch of Hardangerfjord again.




We had already been to this train line but in the opposite direction. We start going up to a considerable altitude, passing through rivers and waterfalls and with a bit of snow already! You can also see the vegetation becoming less tall with less trees. Myrdal is the station where you can switch to the Flamsbana and check all the amazing sights in the Flam Railway, as you can see in one of my previous posts too.




We will keep going up until Finse, the highest train station in Norway, at 1222 meters above sea level. We will be at snow level and the vegetation becomes even more scarce and reddish. This is a very popular point for outdoor activities with lakes and hiking/cycling trails. We get an awesome view to the glacier Hardangerjokulen (that my boyfriend mentioned a lot because Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back had some shooting on location there) from Finse, you should not miss this!





Finse – Geilo

The views of the glacier get even better in the section until Haugastol. We get plenty of lakes and rivers and, throughout the descent to Geilo (at 436 meters above sea level!), we see a lot of rocks covered in moss and the number of trees increases. This segment is really beautiful, take lots of pictures! Geilo is a famous ski resort town itself.




Geilo – Honefoss

This segment of the railway is more ordinary but nonetheless beatiful. It became much sunnier with the lower altitudes, with very tall trees and even wheat fields! I used this part to rest and read a bit but I still admired how the landscape was changing so dramatically!




Honefoss – Oslo

For this last segment we had the nice surprise of riding aong the Tyrifjord. It is at a low altitude but with the sun it made up for very beautiful photos. You also notice how the population is increasing the nearer we become from Oslo. This is the only segment of the trip where you can spot apartments again after a long time!




This looooooooong train ride is totally worth it. Try to buy your tickets as soon as possible (up to 3 months advance) in the official website so that you can enjoy the discounted rates, up from 249 NOK regardless of the trip distance. Stay tuned for the nexy post about Oslo where you will see a completely different side of Norway from the past posts that is also quite pleasant. See you soon!

If you took the Bergen-Oslo line, what was your favorite segment? If not, what is your favorite train ride ever? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Sarah
    November 30, 2016

    I so want to do this train journey.. It looks amazing

    1. A Pulgarita
      November 30, 2016

      You really should! I thought I would be bored but there’s always amazing views and with a book and taking pictures time flies 🙂

  2. Debra Waller
    May 17, 2017

    I will be on a cruise ship and the Flam railway trip to Myrdal to Voss is sold out. The other choice is a Bergen Railway ride from Voss to Geilo with a view/stop at the Fossil Hotel. We would drive by coach from Eidfjord to Voss as well as from Geilo to Eidfjord. My question is how scenic and worthwhile do you think this would be? Our other option is a drive to the Hardanvanger Nature Center. Thanks for your help! Deb

    1. A Pulgarita
      May 19, 2017

      Hi Deb! Eidfjord to Voss by coach wouldn’t be the most scenic, I would recommend taking the ferry boat on the Hardangerfjord until Norheimsund, it takes about 3h. Anyway depending on the detours (I only did this by bus so I can only advise on that) it will be very beautiful. The Hardangervidda Nature Center is located in Ovre Eidfjord, where I camped, which is a very beautiful place and with a car you will have easy access to make the hike to Voringfossen, a huge waterfall, which I couldn’t do because there is no public transportation there. Hope this helped! Check out my other posts about Norway to get more informations about these places in particular. I wish you a great time in Norway, it really is a wonderful country!


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