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A roadtrip from Boston to Portland, Maine

Hi all! It’s two days in a row for the Blog Every Day August challenge! So, yesterday I talked about how on April 1st I went to Boston College. Actually, April 1st was the original day meant for the roadtrip I’m going to talk about today. We saw on the weather forecast that the snow would be massive on April 1st, but April 2nd would be a day with clear skies. Actually, April 2nd was a Sunday and car rentals would be cheaper that day. We had booked our 7 person SUV through Kayak with Hertz at an excellent rate and we were planning to start our trip by picking up our car from Boston Logan Airport at 7AM. However, neither me or the designated driver had credit cards that were accepted by Hertz, so we had to switch rental companies. We ended up getting a car with Budget, which was still at a good price (around $160 for the day + gas in the end of the trip).

Getting back to the trip planning. I have a friend who is always on the lookout for planning trips and he suggested going to Portland by car. Seemed like a nice city in Maine with a very old port. Most of us were willing to join since it was a day trip, meaning it would be cheaper and not taking that much time away from work. I know we all knew virtually nothing about what to do or where to stop meanwhile, but we knew that would be fun. So, I asked my supervisor for advice on where to stop in the way, and also to Marta from the awesome Portuguese travel blog Viver a Viajar, whom I know in person and who I knew lived in Maine for some time during her college degree. So, we made a trip plan comprised of a combination of both their recommendations. Here is our route!


Driving in the sunny weather, with the roads still bordered by snow, and passing through beautiful lakes, was absolutely magical. I felt an enormous bliss in doing so!


Portsmouth, New Hampshire

This is, thus far, the only city I know in the state that goes by the motto “Live Free or Die”. This must be my favorite motto of all the states because that is what I believe. Speaking of the city, it has a very active port and I love the light blue tone of the houses and golden details in most alleys. It definitely has a vintage feel to it!

Portsmouth, NH, USA

Portsmouth, NH, USA

Portsmouth, NH, USA

Portsmouth, NH, USA

Portland, Maine

The largest city of the state that goes by the nickname “Vacationland” (I learn so much by viewing license plates =p) has also a quite nice port with very beautiful vintagy-feel light blue boats, cobbled streets and brick houses. I loved the port area, in its decadence with old fish residues and some abandoned warehouses. What struck me the most was the sign “May you have fair winds and following seas”. Since a PhD is not smooth sailing by any means, seeing this message is inspiring nonetheless.

Portland, ME, USA


Portland, ME, USA


Fort Preble, South Portland, Maine

Our goal was to find a lighthouse near Portland because we were told there were beautiful ones and we were pointed towards the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. This was also our first experience of “snow in sand” and it felt so awesome to walk carefree by the beach while still seeing the snow yet to melt. The view from the lighthouse is indeed very beautiful and it’s worth a detour to chill in this very calm area!

Fort Prebble, ME, USA

Old Orchard Beach, Maine

I have no words for the first time I stepped into a beach with a pier and an amusement park. Even though all was closed and the beach still with snow. I ran and jumped like crazy in the sunset. Come on, this was one of my best moments since I came to the US. I have yet to come back in the summer!

Old Orchard Beach, ME, USA

Old Orchard Beach, ME, USA

Kennebunk, Maine

I cannot say much of our last stop, it was just a stop for the real end of day and start saying goodbye to this beautiful coast line and head back to Boston. I believe this beach should be very peaceful!

Kennebunk, ME, USA

Kennebunk, ME, USA

Did you go to any of these beautiful coastal sights in New England yet? Let me know what are your favorite sights in the area and where else should I go! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow my journey around my PhD in the US in FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest to keep up to date!


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