Writer’s block

Featured photo: MIT Briggs Field, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Hi all! For today’s post in my Blog Every Day August, I want to do something very simple. And by this, I’d like to say:

I don’t feel like writing anything. Period.

It is not my purpose today to give advice on how to overcome this. I just want to write a bit how I feel. Sometimes I can’t even code, I can’t write for my PhD thesis, I can’t write for the blog. Nothing comes out. Or I just feel too exhausted to put my mind into it and organize all the content needed to write such thing. I’m sure many of you who will read this felt the same. Even though I love writing and feel very confident in my writing abilities in both English and Portuguese, some days it’s not bound to happen. It’s ok.

I have to write a manuscript and another PhD related piece. I also have my next week full of ideas to write for the blog. I have to update some portions of my code. But with all these content needed (or wanted) to write, things can break. And I know some time away and in the nature does wonders for it. I was alone in Princeton, NJ (there will be a blog post about this amazing campus) sitting while waiting for my phone to charge, and just grabbed a paper notebook and everything was flowing so easily. I was writing very creatively, like I hadn’t in several months. I even thought of it as the start of a very cool project that I hope to accomplish someday, but that I don’t have the time and energy to devote myself to now. So, I know the cure is in taking some time away from writing. For me, since I want to accomplish my goal of one post per day, will be several hours by myself and calm. Watching videos, reading, and doing nothing that requires a typesetting platform or pen and paper. Until I return tomorrow with very cool content about Boston and Cambridge, stay tuned!

Are you suffering from writer’s block as well? How do you overcome it? Let me know! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow my journey around my PhD in the US in FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest to keep up to date!


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