Whale watching in Massachusetts

Hi all! Here I am trying to catch up with the post that should have been released yesterday. For the #summerofstem challenge of yesterday, the theme was “splash”. And the theme of today is “sun-day” So I thought, what better way to celebrate this topic than a sunny day where I saw so many whales splashing around the Cape Cod Bay? I have to say we were super lucky. We departed from the Boston Harbor close to the New England Aquarium (which I totally recommend by the way as well) for a 1h boat ride until close to the tip of Cape Cod. At first we didn’t spot many whales, but then they flocked next to the boat like crazy! We even saw a seal as well. Here are the possible pictures of this magical morning!

Well, taking nice picture with such winds is a hard task!
And it’s an even harder picture to take a selfie!





I have to say I was so focused in taking pictures to a group of whales in one side of the boat that I missed, on the other side, two whales doing a full flip out of the water! This is an extremely rare phenomenon, so I got a bit pissed I didn’t watch it. Anyway, this was a very pleasant learning experience. The fact that struck me the most was that the tails of the humpback whales are unique, like a fingerprint, allowing for their identification. However, we also learned a sad fact. 75% of the whales in Cape Cod Bay have injuries due to getting caught in nets used for lobster fishing. Keeping this in mind, the boat guides urged us to eat fish from places promoting responsible fishing.

I now urge my fellow STEM professionals in the area of marine biology to make some comments with further facts about whales and whale watching activities! To me, this was a great morning to witness the glory of nature and for sure one of the best days ever!

Did you ever go whale watching? How was the experience? Let me know! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow my journey around my PhD in the US in FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest to keep up to date!





  1. Albert Trotter
    August 17, 2017

    pictures sounds like heaven on earth..lucky you

  2. Allysse Riordan
    August 18, 2017

    That must have been an amazing experience.
    I’d love to be able to see whales in the wild some day. What a privilege!

    PS: I love that windy selfie ^^


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