5 reasons why I’m excited for Fall!

Hi all! The last time you heard of me here on the blog, I was doing the Blog Every Day in August challenge. However, I decided to break it off and just rest. I was having a lot of stress on my PhD life already and I started a huge vacation across the US (there will be a blogpost of course!). So, I followed the valuable advice of my supervisor and decided to take some personal time off. That day, I stayed home on purpose to binge watch TV series and go to bed early and I think it was decisive to avoid a massive burnout. I’m so grateful for all the support from my supervisors, family and friends!

Anyway, after resting from the PhD (mostly, because I had to work a bit to accomplish some deadlines. Namely having a Skype with supervisor at 7AM local time in Las Vegas), I’m back in full force. Of course the very short summer here in Boston is almost over, but I have plenty of reasons to be excited for my life here in the Fall! So, let’s go through them:

1. I am planning to submit my first article of the PhD thesis in about 1 month tops!

This first article from the thesis must be the hardest thing I ever did. It is taking FOREVER to be ready. In fact, as I write this post, I have two simultaneous simulations running. After so much input, and code modifications, and being the perfectionist I am, it seems I am never satisfied. However, it seems things are going pretty well lately and I can’t wait to end this chapter in my thesis! Well, I’ve been to two conferences here already with poster presentations, so it is not all lost with scientific outputs thus far 😉

2. My dream of watching a real figure skating competition live will come true…

In less than 1 week! I will travel to Montreal (so, my second time in Canada, first in Québec) to watch the opening day of the Autumn Classic Figure Skating International. The line up for the competition is pretty good and I’m pretty bummed that I will only watch the ladies’ competition, but at least I think I’ll watch the practices of the other competitions. The lineup for the other competitions features former World and Olympic champions in the respective disciplines. But more than that, it will be my first solo trip here in North America (I love traveling with my friends and the people who came to visit, for real!), something I craved for so long! And a chance to visit a fancy part of Canada and also I’m stopping by Vermont on the way back.


(I’m bummed Yuzuru Hanyu, current World and Olympic champion, will be competing and I won’t get to watch him live for not having tickets to the men’s competition. Now that he’s using the Seimei program in the GIF above for the Olympic season and that is one of my all time favorite programs. Oh sigh. Go watch the program already to become a figure skating fan! End of rant.)

3. The Fall semester here in MIT is already in full force

Meaning that the campus is more lively again, with lots of free food, workshops, and classes. Also, my regular group meetings are back, so it is always good to be more in touch with what my colleagues are doing and use that as a motivation to improve my productivity.

4. And well, Fall in New England is utterly beautiful

Who can resist to pictures like this? It seems I might go to the Berkshires (Western Massachusetts) and to the Green Mountain region in Vermont to see the foliage. Stay tuned for updates on my IG!



5. All the Fall celebrations in the US are coming!

So, I’m going to spend my first real Halloween here! I even have a costume already (thankfully, thrift shops are the best here). I’m also super excited for Thanksgiving and for everything pumpkin spice and sweet potato, all orange in general.


So, this was a bit of free writing to get back in the swing of things for the blog. Since Fall also means spending more time at home, hopefully I’ll be more regular with blogging again. Cheer for me in this challenging time in my PhD thesis as well!

What makes you excited for Fall and back to school time? Let me know! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow my journey around my PhD in the US in FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest to keep up to date!




  1. Filipa Maia
    September 18, 2017

    Ai, inveja! Roadtrip de outono por New England é a viagem número 1 da minha lista há já dois anos, mas ainda não consegui concretizá-la. Aproveita muito e vai-nos contando e mostrando tudo aqui no blog, vou adorar acompanhar =)
    E muitos parabéns pelo primeiro artigo!

  2. Lily
    September 19, 2017

    Woohoo! Love your reasons to be excited for fall in the US. Sounds like you are doing great on your thesis. Keep up the good work!

    I’m jealous of your autum colors already at MIT. It’s still in the 80’s here in Tennessee.


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