A week in Portugal in pictures

Hi all! As I suggested on social media, I was in Portugal to visit my parents, sister, all the family and friends. I already showed some pictures on my photoshoot post at my alma mater, Instituto Superior Técnico, but I thought I should do a recap for you guys to have an idea of it all. Most of all, this way a super intense experience. I felt that I seriously want to go back home for good in the beginning of the week, but then by the end of the week I felt all was still the same and I had a lot of unfinished business with the US. So now I’m happy to be in the US again 🙂

Happy girl at my home campus, Instituto Superior Técnico at Taguspark, where the stem cell labs are. Check our website, for which I am the webmaster and I am very proud of it!

Pattern making with Zukuri Club for WebSummit. The city was so full of people. Didn’t attend WebSummit this year, but you can read about last year’s edition here on the blog!

PubhD de Lisboa presentation. Won’t talk much because it’s one of my upcoming posts!

An evening in west Lisbon – livraria Ler Devagar in the artsy LX Factory and old tram ride

A morning walk in Sintra, UNESCO world heritage, which happens to be like 3miles away from my hometown

My favorite picture from the Bloggers Camp instameet, where our goal was to photograph Fall in the busy Chiado neighborhood in Lisbon

Happy girl after the photoshoot

I am not showing any family or friends pictures to protect their privacy. All the meaningful interactions warmed my heart! There would be much more to show, like amazing Portuguese, Asian or Italian food, but let’s save that for another post when I come back to Portugal and can write better about my home! I was hit by a lot of different things and they all came down to the same. I realized I’m way too busy. I know it’s an epidemic of our time, but I’ll try to be less so. Someday I might write about it, but now there’s other priorities 🙂


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