My experience at Web Summit 2016

Hi all! This post sums up a very intense week in Lisbon with Web Summit taking place here for the first time and what I experienced from it! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a photo takeover. Now let’s see my written thoughts about it. SPOILER ALERT: This post is huge,… Continue reading My experience at Web Summit 2016

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My experience at Pixels Camp

Image credits to Pixels Camp Hi all! Oh, my PhD and event related posts have been coming a bit later than usual in the week. Next week this will change hopefully. I will tell you all about multiple things I’ve been doing later, but I really want to tell you about this event where I… Continue reading My experience at Pixels Camp


Girls Lean In

Hello! As a PhD student and a person that wants to be an entrepreneur, not especifically in the start-up sense, but to create the life I want, I think it’s important to go to events that help us improve and be bolder. I do it often and have learned a lot from several ones, and… Continue reading Girls Lean In