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Writing a book as a PhD student

Hi all! Today it’s International Book Day and I want to write something very short. I want to talk a bit about the book I am writing: my PhD thesis! For those who are not in academia, the main step for the completion of a PhD is the submission of a written dissertation. This takes… Continue reading Writing a book as a PhD student

The PhD voice

Writer’s block

Featured photo: MIT Briggs Field, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Hi all! For today’s post in my Blog Every Day August, I want to do something very simple. And by this, I’d like to say: I don’t feel like writing anything. Period. It is not my purpose today to give advice on how to overcome this. I… Continue reading Writer’s block

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Tips for writing grant proposals

Hi fellow academics of all stages! Today I come to talk to you about a topic that is so troublesome for all of us: grant proposal writing! When we are kids, we imagine science as this perfect environment in the lab to find out the next big thing. However, to be able to do this,… Continue reading Tips for writing grant proposals

The PhD voice

Tips for writing a conference abstract

Here are my tested and tried tips to write abstracts for academic conferences. Hope they’re useful to you!